True Story Behind Hilarious Internet Memes Being Told

Top 10 online popular memes and the funny backstory you didn’t know about see the real stars behind these popular memes

1. The number 1 on our list is the overly attached girlfriend. This video was uploaded to youtube as a reply to justin beibers voice off challenge for his single girlfriend. The video sang out lyrics of how if she were his girlfriend, things would get a creepy

With her becoming increasingly over attached and staying in constant contact
Fighting off any other female in his life despite being blood relations or not

The person behind the video is Laina Walker. She ran her own social media accounts and was practising comedic videos at the time.

She still creates videos for 1.2m subscribers and she may be the only meme star to have spawned another meme of herself but as the misunderstood girlfriend the exact opposite of her first persona as she gives you space and is an all round cool person, which we’re sure Laina is in real life too.

2. Look at this image, what stands out to you? Is the ridiculously photogenic guy on the left?*
the man in question is zeddie little and he was inadvertently snapped during a marathon run and his a+ looks were jumped upon quite quickly

and turned into a host of hilarious memes based around the guy’s ability

to swoon everyone and anyone with a single glance, he has even managed to spawn other ridiculously photogenic people

like this heavy metal fan or this syrian rebel, this wrestler and this line backer

3. And here’s scumbag steve, told you we’d meet him. This guy is the worst, that one friend who takes advantage of everyone to his own gain. Scumbag steve doesn’t care about you or your belongings and certainly has no issue with remaining free of responsibility

The hat itself has become a meme, representing the more scumbag incidents that branch beyond steve

The original image is taken from a cd cover for the beantown mafia song my gangsta, the image taken by his own mom, but the truth is

Scumbag steve is just a regular dude called blake, who has embraced his internet popularity despite it being a negative one. We’re sure he is more good guy greg in real life.

4.Here is good guy greg, the arch nemesis to scumbag steve (who’ll meet soon enough). The pot smoking guy who looks like he’d mug you, is the exact opposite

making that classic paradigm switch as he goes from hooligan to sweetest guy in the room
helps out any way he can and even saves your life. The sad thing is nobody knows who good guy greg is, so we’ll all just have to find our own

5. Success kid should inspire us all. Look at his triumphant fist as he succeeds in whatever he has put his mind to, probably destroying other kids sandcastles.

The image was taken at a family day out at the beach by his mother and once uploaded it took off

Being placed with snappy captions of everyday lucky occurrences as well as other one things that happen that inspire those little fist bump moments in life

There is even more joy to the meme as the boy, Sam Griner, has managed to use his own fame to help his father achieve success

when he needed a kidney transplant the internet helped out by donating to help that surgery happen, one more success to add to the list

6. Look at that face. The utter excitement at opening a collection of Goosebumps books. The culmination or the hair, the brace, the whole 70s vibe gave birth to a meme. A meme called

ermagherd! (er-my-gerd) which is made 10x better if you think of it in the voice of Eric Cartman*

It’s popped up with other book series and other various items and remains funny no matter what the subject matter

Even when its used with other derpy faces, its still amusing

The crazier the face is the better it seems. But ermahgerd girl is actually

as normal as you can get. Her name is Maggie Goldernberger and she explains the image was part of a dress up game being played and stupid noise she making at the time.

7. Chubby bubbles girl is one of the more inncocently funny memes out there and one of the nets odlest. It has no real background and the identity of the girl is still unknown

The image is often photoshopped onto others

Showing her running away from dangerous situations

Or just sometimes downright ridiculous ones

8. Imagine if you looked like this guy through high school. This is bad luck brian, the kid who can’t catch a break even if it seems impossible

No matter how hard he tries, he just has the worst luck

Even his parents don’t really like him

In real life his name is Kyle and the entire bad luck brian photo was a prank he pulled back in 7th grade. He dressed and did his hair purposely to take a terrible school photo

His principal at the time even made him re-take the image as he thought he was having a joke with the photographer. He’s even been recognized in public by Seth Rogen!

To find out more on these meme stars please check out our video

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