The Most Expensive Toys Ever Made $300k

To most of us, toys are simply items of pleasure that keep us entertained for a few hours as we kill time. They can be cars, dolls or more recently computers and other gadgets. But out there, in the world of toys, are collectors and aficionados who are ready to pay out big bucks to get the best in their fields. It becomes less of a past time, than a must have to them and we are going to take a look at some of the most ridiculously high priced toys ever.

1. Crystal Etch a Sketch- These things were introduced in 1960 and sold for a measly $3, but in 2003 Schwartz created this crystal covered monster for a massive $1500. The toys are covered in 14,400 Swarovski crystals and only 12 were made. Somehow I can’t imagine many were given to kids.

2. Giraffe- Is a rocking horse not flash enough for your kid? Don’t want them to be in the same toy car as others? How about getting them to ride along on their massive toy giraffe. These giraffes can hold 150 lbs and are big enough for any child to sit on and pretend they’re taking the best safari ever.

3. Darth Vader- There was a special edition of Star Wars’ bad guy Darth Vader: 1978 Telescopic version, that was just $2.49 at first sale. This batch was discontinued because the telescopic nature of the lightsaber was disliked. If you have a boxed version it could fetch $6000.

4. Matchbox Car- So many of these cars were produced it’d be hard to wonder why one specific one could fetch a good price. But ,in 2004, a renowned Matchbox collector by the name of Jim Gallegos (who already owned over 150,000 die-cast miniatures valued at over $1.4 million), reportedly purchased a brown No. 30 crane for an incredible $13,000.

5. Toy Sewing Machine- Incredibly, this old piece of tin, was bought at auction for $13,600 at a London auction house. It isn’t made of diamonds or crystals but it goes to show that cost is relevant to the person who is buying.

6. Babe Ruth Figure- Babe Ruth is one of baseballs biggest legends, and in 2009 an ebay auction of a figurine sold for $13,600. It was made by model creator Todd McFarlane and this version was unique because the color of the hat is blue and not black. There are only 5 of these ever made and 3 of them are owned by him.

7. Lego Basketballers- Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neill all have something in common, Basketball hall of fame I hear you cry. Wrong! They’ve all been immortalised in Lego as life size models. Each of these models can cost around $15,000.

8. Hover Scooter- Want to get round in the coolest way possible? Want to glide to work in the morning and then seamlessly arrive at the gym too? Then you will want to invest in a levitating Hover Scooter. The good news is you can get from A to B at 15 mph speeds, the bad news is it’ll cost you $15,000

9. Gameboy- There is a running theme when discussing things that cost a lot of money and that theme revolves around gold and diamonds. This item is no different. The gold plated GameBoy was made by Aspreys of London in 2006 and costs $25,000

10. Pez Dispenser- You’d have to have been living under a rock for the past 50 years to not know what a Pez is, the small, chalky candy that pops out of characters mouths for kids to chomp on. A prototype made in 1982, believed to be made for the world trade fair, fetched $32,000 at auction.

11. Wac-a-Mole- Probably the most famous of fairground games after tin can shooting, the Wac-a-Mole involves hitting poor defenceless moles on the heads as they pop up. Its something found in most arcades worldwide, but a highly customised version with opening doors and room for a bar was made for $35,000

12. VW Van- A specific version of Hot Wheels VW van was discontinued because the rear loading door clashed with the specific made race tracks. This immediately made it desirable to collectors. To date, only 2 copies of this particular pink beach version have been found, and one owner bought his for $72,000.

13. Pacifier- Babies around the world use pacifiers on a daily basis to do exactly what their name suggest, give parents a moment of peace. There is one that differs a little though, created in 2013, it is made from solid platinum and weighs 250g. It costs $85,000.

The list just carries on of these Most Expensive Toys Ever Made

14. Toy Crane
15. Race Track
16. Hot Wheels Car
17. Pokemon Card
18. GI Joe Figure
19. Barbie Doll
20. Wearable Robot suit
21. Monopoly
22. Teddy Bear
23. Lamborghini Model
24. Dollhouse


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