Nah He Tweakin The Origin

The Origin Of Nah He Tweakin
The Mystery Behind ‘Nah He Tweakin’ Spam Comments On Instagram

Nah he tweakin! A new trend has seemed to have started outta nowhere on social media platform Instagram! Don’t believe us? Well, Nah he tweakin!

Visit any popular meme page or celebrity page on Instagram and you’re bound to come across a flood of ‘Nah he tweakin’ comments. But hold on a second.. what on earth is ‘nah he tweakin’? What does it even mean and who started it? Let’s break this down for you.

Who Started ‘Nah He Tweakin’?

The entire Instagram community seems to be confused at the moment about where ‘Nah he tweakin’ comments originated from and how they’re slowly taking over in all comment sections.

The ‘nah he tweakin’ trend started on @rap Instagram account on a post about Lil Nas X’s tweet about Tony Hawk. Hawk has launched his new skateboards with his blood painted on them and Lil Nas X had something to say. Have a look at what the rapper said.

The original tweet of Lil Nas X randomly started receiving ‘nah he tweakin’ comments from users.

When @rap reported about the tweet, they also asked a question in the caption saying “ he speaking facts or nah”? To this, users started spamming ‘nah he tweakin’ as a reply!

New @nahhetweakin Account

Thus becoming a snowball effect, ‘nah he tweakin’ is everywhere now! A new instagram account by the username of @nahhetweakin has also been created 20 minutes ago at the time of writing this article.

The @nahheyweakin account has just one post and it’s Lil Nas X’s comment about Tony Hawk which sparked the whole trend! The account has 10 followers at the time of writing this article.

Spam Comments

On Instagram, the #nahhetweakin already garnered more than 200 posts and it seems just the beginning.

Famous Instagram meme pages like memezar, ladbible, pubity etc were also not spared. Have a look at the ‘nah he tweakin’ spam comments in their comments section.

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