Joe Biden Wins MEME reactions – Social Media React to Biden victory Againt Donald Trump

The best memes and social media reactions from Election Day 2020
Palmer Haasch2020-11-04T17:52:58Z
Election Day voting
Stephen Maturen/Getty Images
On Election Day 2020, people across the United States voted to determine the nation’s next president, congressional representatives, and state and local leaders.
On social media, people reacted in real-time to the election, sharing their reactions and participating in meme trends about the event.
From ironic predictive maps to viral one-liners from voters, here are the best memes and reactions from Election Day 2020.
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On Election Day — November 3, 2020, people took to social media to vent, share news about the election, and publicly stress about its results. In particular, many people online were focused on the presidential race between Republican incumbent Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

That chatter manifested in many ways, ranging from memes about Britney Spears winning all 50 states in a pink wave to TikTok videos using the siren sound from the Purge horror movie franchise. With the race coming down to a number of states by Wednesday morning and no clear result just yet, the discourse has continued online, with people continuing to express their thoughts and frustrations.

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