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Here are 49 Perfectly Timed Photos!

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1. This Chinese Olympian looks like he is wearing some novelty glasses
2. There is being a good footballer and then there is being so good you can juggle the sun
3. A perfectly positioned hole in a fence gives great composition to this picture
4. You certainly wouldn’t want to be attempting a walk on a wire in this weather
5. This is what the physical embodiment of a sonic boom looks like
6. This plane crosses over the path of the moon so well it looks like its painted on the moon itself.
7. If you’ve ever wondered what a belly flop would look like, this is it
8. The referee here can’t believe his luck as he is crowned king of basketball
9. These cats are obviously not in love, not in puppy love though
10. Ever been so good at scuba diving you get a high five from a whale?
11. Dolphins are such intelligent animals they can become a flock of flying birds
12. This American eagle is so badass its got jet streams coming out of its claws
13. The moment the French lowered the Eiffel tower into place or just coincidence?
14. This eye looks a little creepy but it may be because its a plug
15. This depth perception image makes it look like a woman is throwing her tiny friend in the air
16. A battle of wills as a double ended goose tries to fly opposing directions
17. The 6th Olympic ring takes it place as the ceremony begins to start
18. One thing you don’t want to do in the world championships is lose your head
19. This religious statue in Asia stops a plane as it tries to fly away
20. Extremely daring advertising idea by Hugo Boss here
21. More fun loving whales as they check out this extreme sports fan
22. A lazy ladybug catches a lift from a dandelion
23. That lightning strike just blew up the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
24. Lets just hope the statue of liberty was closed to tourists at this moment in time
25. A flock of flamingos inadvertently create a flamingo in African waters
26. Sometimes the moon needs help in getting up over the horizon. It is heavy after all
27. This man looks like he is playing with toy cars when in fact he is leaning out of a high rise flat window
28. Barack Obama harness the power of the sun and is about to eat it up, most Republicans would have you believe he would too
29. And we all thought the devil resides below the ground
30. I wonder why she was even leaning backwards here
31. The cyclist must have been trying to smile for the camera and not seen the post
32. When you become one with the water and start to turn into H20
33. This praying mantis has become an insect transformer and is about to wheely off camera
34. This guy is so hot he is pooping fire
35. The look of pure disgust from the tourist as his delicious ice cream is snatched by the gull
36. When you’ve had too many space cakes and you think you can wlak on the moon
37. Its all well and good being disciplined and regimented but sometimes lack of sleep is too much
38. An amazing moment when a tribal hunter spears a fish
39. This couple set up a timed photo and along came this gopher to photo bomb them.
40. Starbucks should rethink their vans design
41. These statues are trying to keep the sunny day going
42. The statue of Jesus tries to catch a place
43. The moment a bee sacrifices his life for the good of the hive
44. Is this the only eye of nature?
45. Fishface doesn’t need your stupid scuba diving gear
46. A well executed photo as a surfers friends gather under the waves as he takes to his board
47. This womans attire aligns perfectly with the incoming tides
48. A couple of girl football players sit next to each other about to drop some dope rap rhymes after half time
49. El Mustachio was soon to become the WWE world champ

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