AMAZING FACTS to Blow your mind – Biggest Industry

Fun Facts From The Spans Of Time

1. When you’re a billionaire your pranks become more elaborate

2. He has a point, of all places to be homeless its one of the more choice

3. I hate to think how much of my time i’ve spent on social media

4. This is only if the warning signs are taken more seriously

5. Why hasn’t this been made into a movie yet?

6. Maybe I should start learning Spanish again

7. Who’d have thought penguins would live life so dangerously

8. When you think of it like that, there was no success when it comes this event

9. Never work with kids, animals or swords is the new motto

10. McDonalds salads often have more calories and its due to the sauce

11. There aren’t many people who’d feel uncomfortable in this situation

12. April 1st is the worst day to release any kind of new information

13. Butterflies still remember life as caterpillars despite becoming completely liquified during metamorphosis

14 You are most affected by brands when you are sad or scared
15. Your mind wanders 30% of the time, if you do it more than this then researchers say you are more creative

16. It takes around 66 days of doing something to form a habit

17. Despite popular belief, human brains can’t multitask; your brain can only focus on one higher function at a time.

18. You always overestimate future events. Any happy events you will see delirious happiness and the opposite for sad ones.

19. Your brain is just as much effective asleep as it is awake and researchers say whilst dreaming it is recharging for the next day

20. You can trace the insult “Yo Mama” right back to Shakespearean times

21. Jaws author felt so bad about the image of sharks he created he spent his life helping their preservation

22. Siesta Key beach is 99% crystal and squeaks when you walk on it

23. When dissolved in water, viagra can keep flowers standing upright for a week longer than normal

24. Former US Marine helped 320 homeless set up a commune in Tennessee, they remain there today

25. Chinese soldiers in training have small pins in their collars to keep their chins up straight

26. In 1992, a ship containing rubber ducks sunk, to this day most of the ducks float somewhere in the ocean

27. A group of sharks is called a shiver

28. It takes 3000 cow skins to make enough footballs for an entire NFL season

28. Portland, Oregon has the worlds smallest park. Its 2m wide

29. Most snails that are eaten survive the whole process and come out alive

30. There are more pet tigers in the USA than there are tigers in the wild

31. There will be a worldwide chocolate shortage in 2020


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