25 Weirdest People in the World – UNBELIEVABLE

1) Edward Smith of Washington made headlines after admitting he has had sex with over 1,000 cars. It might sound crazy but this “car lover” has been living with his 1967 Volkswagen Beetle, whom he named Vanilla, and considers it his girlfriend.

2) Karen Overhill had an extreme case of multiple personality disorder. In 1999 she began finding herself in strange places with no idea how she had gotten there. She discovered bookmarks farther into her books beyond the point she recalled reading to, she heard voices at night recapping the day’s events, and often ran into people who knew her when she had no recollection of any prior encounter with them. She eventually discovered she had been living with seventeen distinct personalities and eventually found a cure to get rid of them all.

3) Thai Ngoc, known as Hai Ngoc, said he could not sleep after getting a fever in 1973, and has counted infinite numbers of sheep for more than forty-one years.

4) Living in the city of Nagpur, India, Bhagat claimed that he’d always felt self-conscious about his big belly. On a hot summer night in 1999, thirty-six-year-old Bhagat was rushed to the hospital because his stomach was so swollen that he could barely breathe. The amazed doctors discovered that inside Sanjay’s belly was the half-formed body of an infant boy, Bhagat’s twin brother that was never born.

5) Frenchman Michel Lotito ate an estimated nine tons of metal. How did he do so?
6) In 2010 a 101-year-old Chinese woman named Zhang Ruifang shocked her friends, family, and the rest of the world when she made headlines for growing a devil-like horn on top of her head.

7) David Allen Bawden, also known as Pope Michael, is an American citizen and a conclavist claimant to the papacy.

8) Alex Lenkei is a hypnotist with incredible powers of suggestion. Lenkei’s powers are so strong that the 68 year-old from Surrey, England, once underwent invasive ankle surgery without anesthesia.

9) Natasha Demkina is known in her native Russia as the “Girl with X-ray Eyes.” She claims to have the ability to see through people’s skin right into their insides. She has shut down even her most vicious critics with her creepy but totally accurate medical diagnoses.

10) Gino Martino is a professional wrestler and entertainer who “fascinates” audiences with his superhuman ability to smash through things with his skull. Rumors say that it’s better for a car to hit you on the street than Gino’s head.

11) Brazilian body builder Romario Dos Santos Alves was so desperate to emulate the Incredible Hulk that he actually injected his arms with a potentially lethal combination of oil and alcohol.

12) Mitsuo Matayoshi is a Japanese political activist, known for his perennial candidacy. Matayoshi was trained as a Protestant preacher, and through his religious studies developed a particular concept of Christianity strongly influenced by eschatology.

13) Almost forty-three years ago a World War II Japanese soldier by the name of Hiroo Onoda was found in the jungles of Guam, having survived there for nearly three decades. Under orders to not surrender under any circumstance, Hiroo Onoda fought a one man war and only surrendered when Major Yoshimi Taniguchi, who had since become a bookseller, personally came to give him the order.

14) Eileen Brown from Boldon, England, has had more than a dozen operations over the past two decades. Her only remaining natural joints are her left hip and left elbow.

15) Mehran Karimi Nasseri is an Iranian refugee who lived in the departure lounge of Terminal One in Charles de Gaulle Airport in France, from August 26, 1988, until July 2006. His story became the main inspiration and basis for the Tom Hanks movie The Terminal.

16) Yoshiro Nakamatsu is a Japanese inventor claiming to hold the world record for the most inventions (over three thousand) including the floppy disk and “PyonPyon” spring shoes. He has been photographing and retrospectively analyzing every meal he has consumed during a period of 40 years.

17) Jill Price claims to remember everything since her teens such as what time she awoke, what she ate,

18) Eskil Ronningsbakken is an extreme artist from Norway who travels all around the globe to enact incredible death-defying performances. Check out other channels in our network –
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