21 Funniest Baby Faces – CUTTTEE!

1) They’re blaming the dog for that fart but it was meeeeee!

2) Was that seaweed touching my foot? Oh, I hope it was seaweed…It wasn’t seaweed?! OMG what was it?!

3) Eat this lemon they said, they’re delicious they said. Now I can’t get my lips back to their normal shape! (this would be great read with a bit of a lispy/sour mouth)

4) Is this for me? Is this full of milk? This better be full of milk
5) I just ate a full of bowl of spaghetti and didn’t get a drop on me, yesssssss

6) What the hell is that buzzing noise? Why is it getting louder? Arrgghhh get away from me with that, why are you trying to cut off my head?!!

7) I don’t like the way this guy has done my hair, but when he asked if it was ok I was too embarrassed to say no

8) I said I don’t like broccoli, why aren’t you listening to me?!

9) Ooooooh is that a pair of boobs I see?

10) Wait a second, this tastes like vegetables. Is there vegetables in here? You know I don’t like those things…I can taste carrots

11) Look, you keep telling the food is on an aeroplane, but why would I want a whole aeroplane in my mouth? Just give me the spoon

12) If Thomas the tank engine goes into that dark tunnel I’m gonna lose it….Oh no, he’s gone in, I can’t watch!

13) I just don’t get it, how is potty training any better than our current arrangement? I feel like its just you how is benefiting.

14) Uh-oh, I know that sounded like an innocent fart but in about 10 seconds you’re gonna realise it wasn’t just that at all

15) So olive oil is made of olives, huh? Wait….what’s baby oil made out of then?!

16) I will do the opposite of whatever you ask me to do

17) Hahaha, as soon as you take off my diaper I’m pee all over the bed

18) Dude, I swear, the boob was this big and she just kept it in her bra the whole time. I couldn’t believe it

19) This wouldn’t have happened if you actually had stolen my nose like you said you did

20) You’re name isn’t really Dad? My whole life is a lie

21) Hey good looking, can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

22) I got the money, now can you please get me the bin for this crappy card I don’t need Check out other channels in our network –
BABOON TV: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrT-gj4C3qkCfsTgs7-rp9w

ROCK BEARD: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDnhRBA3A5x1dArhcvtDWAw

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