18 CRAZY Movie Facts You Didn’t Know

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1. Die Hard is probably the most famous Bruce Willis film out there and the action packed thriller delivers on all levels. The original script actually called for zero guns to be used because the writer was extremely anti-gun use.
So all of these moments wouldn’t exist And John McLane would be sending messages down about having all the katana’s

2. You’d be hard fixed to find a person who hasn’t seen Ghostbusters and loved it, the quartet of spectre fighters are loveable as well as kicking the dead’s butts too.
In this scene, where they dig up New York City to reach a river of slime, they’re approached by some cops….REAL COPS! And the actors just rolled with it. So the animated movements of the characters are taken from real life actors.

3. Airplane is an iconic comedy film that starred the late great Leslie Nielsen. What is a surprise to all is that Nielsen actually found none of the films jokes funny. And this wasn’t because they weren’t funny, it was just because Neilsen didn’t get the punch lines.
So throughout all the many gags funny scenes and other obvious hilarity Nielsen was just doing his job and keeping a completely straight face

4. In X Men Days of Future Past, the character Blink is a silent assassin who can teleport to attack her enemies. She has zero dialogue.
It was done intentionally as a direct nod to another famous mute teleporting character from the game Portal

5. Andy Serkis is well known for his animation acting, playing both Gollum and Caesar from the Planet of the Apes franchise.
While trying to stay in character, difficult for a human to be the character of an actual chimpanzee, Serkis found a novel way to do it.
He would eat bananas all day while shooting

6. In Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix, there is a scene based in the Hall of Prophecy
A place where wizards and witches alike can see certain futures, if they so choose. It all comes crashing down in a destructive battle scene, which makes the following all the more painful As each of the orbs was created by a single person, using old glass blowing techniques, and it took 2 years for them to do it.

7. Guardians of the Galaxy was the hit of 2014 that didn’t take itself too seriously at all, compromising of 5 heroes who save the galaxy despite being roguish from the very start. One of the surprise hits of the film was its soundtrack
Title “Awesome Mix Vol. 1”, it was meant to be a cassette tape given to Star Lord by his deceased mother. The music from it plays through the film, but it actually has a very different origin.
The tape was actually a real mix found in the car of Michael Rooker, who also starred in the film. The original actually had DJ intros and outros included, but were edited out for the movie

8. Saw is one of the most under-rated movie twists of all time and when you learn of the painstaking lengths to reveal it, you might have newfound respect for it.

In the bathroom scene, which took a solid 15 hours to film, Tobin Bell (who played Jigsaw) actually lay in the middle, lifeless, throughout the whole thing. This was kept from the other 2 actors throughout.So when you see this face, it is 100% completely real reaction to the man rising in front of him after playing dead for over half a day.

9. Crime Caper based on the 50s movie of the same name Ocean’s Eleven stars some of Hollywood’s biggest names, one of them being Brad Pitt. If you’ve seen the movie you’ll know Pitt’s character, Rusty is always eating something. This was a running joke throughout the 3 film series.
But there is no reason for doing this other than they wanted this character to do so. And on the last day of shooting the first film they pranked him good. The sandwich being eaten here is absolutely doused in extra hot sauce. Once the scene finished filming, Pitt spat out the remaining food and violently throwing up.

10. Bill Murray is notoriously short tempered when on set and gets bored pretty quickly.So director Harold Ramis had an idea to shoot all of his characters most jovial scenes first, in order to capture Murray’s enthusiasm as the film started out. And then slowly transition the actors own frustrations into the scenes that required genuine frustration

11. Probably one of the most lauded acting performances in the history of horror films is when Anthony Hopkins easily became psychotic killer, Hannibal Lecter. But in the most famous scene, where Lecter describes how he ate a man’s brain with a glass of chianti, he needed coaching on how to pronounce the famous wine, as he’d never heard it before.

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